Solan: 03-May-2020

Yesterday I was travelling through from Kandaghat to Solan, it is a link road. The area is surrounded pine trees. The means of transportion is only by road, the houses are at far distance.

The local farmers are totaly dependend on agriculture. I saw people working in fields. At a distance of about 7 Kms i saw some farmers working in cauliflower field. I went out of my car and start walking towards them. I asked few questions about farming and their hard work.

I ask the farmer that how much he earned per kg of cauliflower? He replied that he earns only Rs.5 per kg in which transportation is also included. The rate of cauliflower in the market is Rs. 50-80. Then, i ask him that how much time he work in fileds daily, he replied they spend 15-18 hours daily in fileds. As due to Covid 19 all the buisnesses are locked down, farmers are also anxious about there fields and hard work.

My main point is that these farmers are working day and night, but not getting much according their hard work.

By navjot

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